Welcome to Montezine Nursery of Doha where we offer a warm safe and happy environment for your child to develop intellectually, socially and emotionally. Our Curriculum derives from Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum. We accept children from 3 months to less than 4 years old.


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At Montezine Nursery of Doha, we believe that children learn through playing. We provide spacious rooms, stimulating toys and welcoming environment which gives a secure foundation for all children to become happy, confident, caring individuals who achieve personal success and develop a lifelong love of learning.


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What we offer?

We have created child-cantered colourful rooms, with child-sized furniture and high quality toys with lots of age appropriate resources. The soft play room is a safe environment for jumping, tumbling and having fun. The shaded outdoor area is another lovely place equipped with high quality play systems for the children to play and develop their physical and social skills.

Our Staff

Our dedicated Nursery Staff and trained teachers focus on creating these nurturing relationships that allow children to feel valued and empowered. We believe that secure relationships with responsive and respectful adults can provide the basis for lifelong love of learning. Our Teachers and Assistants are experienced and they are mothers themselves therefore they understand the importance of this delicate stage in the life of every child.

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